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Request for help[editovat zdroj]

Hi there :) I am an OTRS volunteer who is helping an Italian institution which recently donated some contents to Wikibooks. I am looking for a Czech speaking user that can upload here their freely licensed textbooks (see it:b:Italiano_per_migranti_A2). Can you please help? Thanks, --Elitre (diskuse) 17. 3. 2013, 13:22 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]

What exactly do you need to be done?
Danny B. | diskuse | mail | přehled příspěvků | 17. 3. 2013, 22:51 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
The Lithuanian version of the text you see on that page (of course I'll provide an English translation you can work on) and the upload of 3 PDF files (Lithuanian language textbooks), that would be it. --Elitre (diskuse) 18. 3. 2013, 22:25 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
This is actually Czech Wikibooks, not Lithuanian... Also, we don't upload files here.
Danny B. | diskuse | mail | přehled příspěvků | 19. 3. 2013, 11:38 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
please forgive me, i had to contact many users lately and confused the languages. Of course, what i wrote was meant for the czech language. I also understand that usually manuals on our projects are not published like that, and that's why i can also provide the raw text, but unfortunately mediawiki does not accept .doc or .odt files and i can not copy/paste hundred of pages manually! I might be able to upload the files myself in some way, but could never realize the introductory page. It would be a real waste if these freely licensed educational contents could not make their way here. Thanks, Elitre (diskuse) 19. 3. 2013, 17:15 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
Convert it to .pdf then - those are accepted. And upload it to Wikimedia Commons.
Danny B. | diskuse | mail | přehled příspěvků | 19. 3. 2013, 18:03 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
Is local upload disabled? The PDF files are ready, but they should not be uploaded on Commons, as you know they can only be accepted there if they consist mostly of images, which is not the case. I can send you details so that you can get them and upload them where you think it is appropriate. :) --Elitre (diskuse) 19. 3. 2013, 22:38 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
Yes, it is disabled. And you can upload on Commons anything what is supposed to be shared among Wikimedia projects, it does not have to be an image.
Danny B. | diskuse | mail | přehled příspěvků | 19. 3. 2013, 23:18 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
Will send you the English text that needs translation and will upload the files ASAP, thank you for your kind support. --Elitre (diskuse) 20. 3. 2013, 14:05 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]
In the end all you need to do is proofreading Multimediální kurz českého jazyka a kultury pro migranty - Úroveň A2. I left a note in the talk page, feel free to translate/fix that as well, and thanks for your help. --Elitre (diskuse) 21. 3. 2013, 21:28 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]

Hi, sorry for writing in English. I'm writing to ask you, as a bureaucrat of this wiki, to translate and review the notification that will be sent to all users, also on this wiki, who will be forced to change their user name on May 27 and will probably need your help with renames. You may also want to help with the pages m:Rename practices and m:Global rename policy. Thank you, Nemo 3. 5. 2013, 12:58 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]

Přesuny nedodělků z wikiverzity na wikiknihy[editovat zdroj]

Nesouhlasím s přesuny nedodělaných stránek z wikiwerzity na wikiknihy. Přinejmenších těch, na kterých jsem začal pracovat, ale stále jsou v "zárodečném" stavu. Považuji to za dehonestaci mé tvorby. Děkuji za pochopení. --Kusurija (diskuse) 13. 10. 2013, 19:00 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovědět]